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Don't forget to renew your free no-ip accounts!
How nice is it to wake up one day and find out that all your backlinks now land on another website?!

Well... it's not... but thanks to Koral, I got my backlinks back! :)

I must have forgotten to renew my http://baudouin.no-ip.org free host, and another no-ip user got hold of it...
Once this is done, there seem to be now way to recover your old free no-ip host... so last thing to do: send a nice email to the new owner explaining the problem and checking if somehow they would be nice enough to give you your host back.
It seems that I've been lucky, as the new owner was kind enough to release to host so I can get it back.

So once again thanks a lot Koral (www.eibmoz.net) !!!
03-04-2012 at 11:41
Thinking your router is secure?...
... then just check the "router hacking challenge" page from GNUCITIZEN !

It's pretty amazing how unsecure our home routers are.
02-03-2008 at 18:16
Let's revamp it all !
Hello everybody,
I thought redoing my website was a good idea, so here we go, with the new version of my content management system!
25-10-2006 at 23:31